Last updated
April 3 2021

Privacy Policy

RCReporting is proud to say that we collect no personal information.

Your information is yours and it remains only on your devices, synced through iCloud Keychain.

3rd Party Libraries

  • We do not use any 3rd party libraries for tracking, analytics or any means that may allow us to collect information
  • We do not use the RevenueCat SDK to provide our service
  • Our service is provided by making network calls used by the RevenueCat website

Connecting to RevenueCat

  • Your information is sent directly to RevenueCat
  • We store a token, not linked to you or your device in Keychain
  • All connections made from our app use HTTPS
  • Certificate trust is required before we make any request to RevenueCat

Transactions and Overview

  • Transactions are only fetched and never stored
  • We may store a hash of a Transaction in order to provide push notifications
  • Overview details are stored only on your device to provide an offline view through iOS 14 widgets