Last updated
April 3 2021

Privacy Policy

Social Stats Widget does not collect any data linked to you.

Your information is yours and it remains only on your devices, synced through iCloud Keychain.

3rd Party Libraries

  • We use RevenueCat to provide in app purchases
  • RevenueCat collects an anonymous identifier that is not linked to your identity in order to determine if you have made a purchase


  • We will never log the account username, following/followers or any related data of accounts you may add
  • We will never ask you to login to any account and never ask for your username or password
  • We collect a general overview of what account has been added, this is used to ensure a stable app.
    • For example, we may see that out of all our users, Instagram is the most popular
    • We do not see what accounts you added, nor can we identify you